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Arg Tajrish Shopping Center-Arg Tajrish
Arg Tajrish Shopping Center-Arg Tajrish
Arg Shopping Center-Arg Tajrish
Arg Tajrish Shopping Center
Arg Tajrish Shopping Center
Amir kabir shopping center
Arg Tajrish Shopping Center
Tehran shopping center
Tehran shopping center
Tehran shopping center
Tajrish shopping center

This Amir Kabir Recreation Complex-Arg Tajrish   was constructed in order to create a special place for a replicated experience for Iranians and guests of Iran. Concerning in adequate number of modern markets, this trading Arg can be a pioneer of new generation of shopping and recreation centers in Iran.

Location: Tehran, Tajrish Square, in 5 trading storeys within 14 to 340 sqm area for shops plus 5 storey-parking with smart maintenance and control system.

Employer: Saba Mihan Co.
Specific Features:
Total area: 10931 sqm, total infrastructure: 70000sqm
Trading infrastructure: 11759sqm with over 200 trading units
Parking infrastructure: 32751sqm, 5-storey-parking with 1000 cars capacity
Recreation/cultural/restaurants infrastructure: 7000sqm, funfair area: about 1700sqm
VIP restaurant for holding ceremonies, celebrations, and booking official/commercial parties, indoor funfair, food court, and bowling saloon

Technical Features:
Steel structure (nots and bolts)
Steel deck roof
Fire proof coating with 120 minutes resistance
12000sqm retaining wall
Integrated foundation
12000sqm of 5 layer-damp-proof around basements with drainage facilities

Elevator with over 10 person capacity (15 sets)
Panorama elevator (2 sets)
Escalator (18 sets)
Air condition air and fan (20 sets)
500-ton absorbing chiller (3 sets)
Outdoor cinema on the roof
Carwash and tune up
± zero cold store (for restaurant)
Bathrooms (in all floors)
Trading warehouse (150 ones)
Parking (more than 1000)

Smart (audio-visual) system IBMS:
Saving energy (central installations, lighting)
Parking management and guiding referees
Fire alarm system
Fire control system
Web and internet system
Loop camera system in parking and joint places

Location: Tajrish Squere, Tehran, Iran

Total Area: 70000sqm

Total Infrastructure: 10931sqm

Project Features: Commercial and Recreational Place,Amusement Park, Parking , Restaurant(VIP)

Primary Period in Contract: 12 Months

Project Status: Completed